Product Review: LifeStraw.

Hello and welcome to Boundary Conditions’ first ever product review*. Today we review the LifeStraw, a device that allows people to drink from lakes and rivers and streams and such without worrying about getting sick. It’s a cute, portable, easy to use straw that filters out bacteria and viruses and stuff like that so that you can safely drink contaminated water. Here’s the video review:


The highlights for people who don’t like to watch videos? It’s a pretty good product, easy to use, and I have drunk from mountain streams and not gotten sick. You can use it with its own soft-sided bottle, as a gravity filter, as a regular straw (stick in water and drink), or inline with a bladder.

The first one I got from the company, the bag was defective: it leaked. So check your gear before you’re relying on it! But they rapidly replaced not just the bag, but the straw as well. So if you’re packing long distances or run out of water fast, I think this is a good solution. I’ll be taking it on a 16 mile trip up Mt. Defiance tomorrow! Stay tuned for that trip report, tomorrow evening!

Two quick corrections to the video: the LifeStraw website does not say this filter removes viruses. It says bacteria and parasites. Also, the carbon filters are good for 100L, not 200L.

*This is not a sponsored review. LifeStraw was not aware we are posting this.