Last Week’s Recap (June 25-July 1).

Last Week’s Posts

Trail Report: Mount Defiance

Product Review: Lifestraw

Last Week’s Workouts


Monday: 1 hour of strength at the gym.

I’m getting back into the gym a little more after a couple of months where I was going about three times a month. While that’s better than nothing, it doesn’t help me build strength. I’m not trying to push my weights all that much, but I do want to get more weight training in to support the long runs and hikes.

Tuesday: 8.04 mi, 708′ gain.

This was a long run that included the shallow grade hill up Dexter Avenue, Queen Anne hill from the south side (a tough 300′ climb that feels like it’s a 20% grade but is probably 14-18%), and then up Fremont avenue, for the final insult. I was also quite pleased with the overall pace, 9:44. The two big hills were up around 11-12 minute miles. Everything else was around 9:00.

Wednesday: 10 miles of bike, commuting. An hour of strength.

My bike commute doesn’t really “count” for fitness. It’s a total of about 45 minutes a day, and the morning ride is largely downhill. My heart rate doesn’t get too high. But it’s better than nothing. And I did another hour in the gym.

Thursday: Rest.

I had a late meeting at work and a men’s group after work and no time to run. I also took the bus to work.

Friday: 7.02 mi, 699′ gain.

Nothing steep on Friday. Nor fast. Consistent 10:30ish miles on 2-5% grades up and down. Basically, the same little 60′ hill over and over again. I had a headache most of the run, and my heart rate was up compared with how it usually is on a run of that intensity.

Saturday: 5.85 miles. 33′ gain.

Tough. Still not feeling right from the run before. Heart rate way up. Had been planning to do 7.6 but cut it short.

Sunday: 16.3 miles, 4938′ gain.

Big day. Not a lot of running, and the running we did was more shuffling. But beautiful and challenging. I had a fabulous time. The trail report linked above has pictures and videos. There weren’t much in the way of sweeping panoramas, but the serene lakes and misty meadows were gorgeous.

Run Totals: 37.2 miles, 6378′ gain.


Second longest week of the year. Far and away the most gain. Any week I get in a vertical mile feels like a major victory. This was tough and today my calves feel like someone spent yesterday pounding on them with a rubber mallet. Still, I’m feeling confident that I’m getting the training in that I need to to get where I need to be.

Other Thoughts


I’m taking today off, almost certainly. But there’s a chance I’ll gut out a short weight workout. Tuesday is back to the grind. Major excitement today is that we’ve signed up for three trail races upcoming: a 7 miler, a 10km, and a half marathon. We’ll see what we can do yet!


Monday: “Easy” run – 5 mi , 177′ ft gain; 45 min strength training

We had done about 14.5 mi road running and 30 mi biking over the weekend. Legs felt a little heavy, but a 10-min/mi pace felt pretty good. (Aside: Listened to the Amazon Music Fresh Rock playlist and, whoa, was I surprised at who’s still recording!)

Tuesday: Pub trivia 😉

My schedule called for a rest day. We decided to try out the pub quiz around the corner.

Wednesday: Hill day – 8.0 mi, 1332′ gain

I noted last week that I thought hill training might need some adjustment to better represent the 50K course. So I hit Queen Anne Hill (Warren St from Etruria St approach). The hill work was decreasing time intervals. I power hiked up (which I’ll be doing on steep grades) and jogged down.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.52.37 PM

I wasn’t feeling super heading out. And it was never going to be fast. But it’s good practice. Legs got a workout.

For many run routes, the trip home ends with almost a mile at ~4-5% grade. As I made the turn up the hill, my playlist shuffled to Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt—well played, Amazon 😅

Thursday: 2 mi walk; 1 hr yoga

I planned for a short easy run that ended at the gym for yoga, but with the upcoming weekend and to help take care of the hamstring, I decided to make it a walk instead.

Friday: Steady run – 3.4 mi, 46′ gain; 40 min strength training

I was pleasantly surprised that I kept a 9:04/mi pace for the run and felt pretty good.

At the gym, I did a mix of exercises but tried not to hit the legs too hard given the weekend ahead.

Saturday: Easy run – 5.8 mi, 36′ gain

This one was all about getting some more miles in.

Sunday: Trail … bipedal motion – 16.2 mi, 4970′ gain

I hesitate to call this a trail run, because it took 6 hours. There was a lot of hiking on the way up. The first 3 mi had an average grade of 11.5-13%, and in the next ones, there were flat(ish) portions mixed with some steep climbs. The summit culminated with a quarter mile section at an almost 30% grade. Coming down, some sections were too steep to really run, and I’m probably overly cautious on slabs of granite coated in water or single tracks at the edge of mountain drop offs.

We were also running at a bit higher elevation (up to ~5500 ft), and I was carrying a different and heavier pack. My shoulders and neck were feeling it about mile 10. Since we were doing fine on water, I dropped the full 1.5 L backup, which alleviated it a bit.

We were exhausted, but we did it.

Run Totals: 38.6 mi, 6561′ elev gain

Other thoughts

Overall I felt pretty good about this week. I think I really need to try for yoga at least twice a week. The massage after the trail run was also a really good idea.

And this weekend was a reminder that you can’t trust anything I say in the middle of a climb on a trail run. In the tough portion, I was hurting and thinking about how much down was going to suck. But in the end, we had an amazing day. (Thanks for putting up with me, Gene!)