Anxiety du Jour.

We’ve been really good with our training. Well, except for bailing on the second long runs. I just don’t recover enough to do them. But I’ve been getting the weekday runs, and the long run in. We’ve done our three 20 mile runs (one of which was 22). We’ve gotten our vert in, with long runs that included 5,000′, 5,200′, and 6,150′. My weekday runs often have 500′ or 600′. We’re not fast, but we’ve been hitting paces that keep us below the cutoff times. We’re ready. Just two weeks left.

We have a couple more long runs: 18 miles this weekend and then anything from 8 to 14 next week depending on how we’re feeling. Neither of those distances sound too challenging at the moment; we’re geared up for 31! But there’s a problem.


This is just a taste (and is actually from Monday… most of this is melted now). Tonight we’re supposed to get anywhere from 4-12″ of snow. But high temps are to be in the mid 30s. Which means: slush. And then freezing over night. Which means the ground will be covered with long, ragged blades of ice.

It’s going to be something to do 18 miles on that. Maybe we wait until Sunday, so the roads are hopefully cleared a bit. But that also leads to my next big anxiety: cancellation.

The Orcas Island 100 Miler, which is tomorrow (Feb 9th, 2019) was cancelled due to today’s storm, which it going to stretch through race-day. It’s rare to have big storms in the Seattle area. This is more snow than I almost ever saw, even as a kid when it was colder. The climate is indeed changing.

I’d be really sad if our race were cancelled. We worked so hard, and lost the first chance at Cougar. If we lose this one too I’ll be devastated. But life is what it is. Hopefully, the weather will resume its usual Pacific Northwestiness soon and there will just be miserable cold rain on race day like God intended.

I feel ready to race. To become an ultramarathoner. I think it’s most likely I’ll get that chance. And I’m excited. But I’m anxious.