Last Week’s Recap (July 3-8).

Last Week’s Posts

Race Report: Chuckanut Foot Race.

Our Toughest Competitor.

Last Week’s Workouts


This was a recovery week for me, in terms of weekly running distance. I also didn’t gte any bike commuting in last week. It was a nice break and set me up well for our fun run race on Saturday.

Monday: Yoga

Still recovering from Sunday’s big hike/run, I took a break at lunch to stretch things out.

Tuesday: Run – 4.4 mi, 656′ gain (Avg pace 11:14 min/mi)

The first mile was the slowest (13:17), going up Queen Anne Hill. Subsequent miles picked up a bit at 10:20-10:50/mi.

Wednesday: Run – 4.9 mi, 125′ gain (Avg pace 10:39 min/mi)

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run – 16.0 mi, 732′ gain (Avg pace 10:45 min/mi)

The first 7 miles were the Chuckanut Foot Race, which we finished at 9:48/mi pace. Since it was a point-to-point race, we ran the course back, with a double back for a mile to get up to 16 miles. For the trip back, we clocked 10:40-12 min miles.

Back at the car, a fit young man wearing a US Navy t-shirt asked me, “Did you guys really run all the way back?”

I replied, “Yep. Actually added a bit in, had 16 miles on the schedule.”

He shook his head. “Shit.”


Sunday: Bike – 31.3 mi, 889′ gain

Not fast but the quads were feeling it.

Totals: Running – 25.3 mi & 1513′ gain; cycling – 31.3 mi, 889′ gain

Other Thoughts

Overall, a solid week. I could have done with some strength training and will be back at the gym this week. I got 2 yoga sessions in last week, my goal for last week. The hamstring and lower leg ease up after yoga and then tighten back up over a couple of days. I think getting a bit more regularity (e.g. 15 min a day) might be a good idea, so maybe I’ll try to get a few min each morning in addition to a couple of classes each week. Plus I’m trying to do more foam/ball rolling to work things out.


Monday: Rest.

I was totally cooked after last week’s big mountain. I took the bus to work, and didn’t do anything after work.

Tuesday: Active Rest.

My right calf was feeling completely trashed. I rode my bike to work, and I could have run, maybe. But I had late work meetings and didn’t want to push it both in terms of possible injury and weird exercise timing.

Wednesday: 4.9 miles, 125′ of gain.

Melissa and I did an easy loop of Green Lake for about five miles. It was hard for me. My heart rate was up and I just didn’t feel right. I worked the holiday, so I also got 8 miles of cycling in.

Thursday: 5.7 miles, 276′ of gain.

Another relatively slow run, with one big hill when I went up to Phinney Ridge. I did the first three miles hard in the heat, including a 9:01 mile. After that I had to stop and walk for about three minutes. Nothing felt good. The day included my bike commute again as well.

Friday: Forty minutes of strength, 10 miles of cycling.

I did a reasonably intense short strength workout, that meant my shoulders and lats were really sore the next day for our long run. I also did lunges at bodyweight, which made for some sore adductors.

Saturday: Chuckanut Footrace + 9 miles.

As Melissa wrote above, the run was a nice race that we didn’t go all out for because we had nine more miles to do when it was over. The race felt good and I enjoyed it. The way home was all pain. Especially the last about four miles. I definitely need to get my long-distance legs under me.

Sunday: 50.4 km on the bike.

Gorgeous morning ride! I felt pretty good from the run, surprisingly. My glutes and quads definitely felt fatigued, but nothing alarming. And as I write this Monday morning, I feel pretty good all over.

Totals: Running – 26.6 mi, 1133′ gain

Other Thoughts:

From Sunday to Saturday was 42+ miles and about 6000′ of gain. But because of how we break of the weeks, it looks like a big cutback. Only 26 miles from Monday-Sunday. My watch thinks I’m in “recovery” mode, even though I’ve been working pretty solidly. Food has been good. Strength is ok. I just need to get more comfortable with the long flat runs.